Smartivity Marble Slide


Is it a billiards table? Is it a roller-coaster?

It’s the Smartivity Marble Slide!

A mash-up of marble slide and billiards or pool-table game, this project is loads of fun to build and
play. Based on the fundamentals of gravity, centrifugal force and banking, this build-it-yourself
kit is project and game all in one! After assembling the marble slide and the base, play the game!
Set the colored marbles on the “billiards table”.

Insert the white marble into the wheel, roll the wheel to move the marble to the top, and release.
As the marble slides down the track, use the levers on each side to aim the marble to strike the
other marbles and knock them into the corner or side pockets. Play games with friends and keep
score. Or experiment by moving the levers and changing the angle of the marble strike.

Decorate with your own paints and markers and make it unique! Ages 8+