d’ears Necklace

Made from coated blanks of thin stainless steel.

Not actual rusty turquoise; the jewelry is made with an image.

Glitter is added to the finish for extra sparkle and a metallic glow.

Necklace is embellished by hand with hypoallergenic silver-plated copper wire for added beauty and uniqueness.

18″ Stainless Steel Chain with 1.5-inch x .75-inch pendant.

Handmade in the USA in Finlayson, MN.

Hypoallergenic finish with non-tarnishing sterling silver.

Each piece of jewelry is lighter than it appears, yet very durable. Our process embeds the ink into the finish.

d’ears’ unique manufacturing process makes our jewelry stand apart in quality, durability, and potential for artistic expression.

d’ears jewelry is designed using original artwork from the company owners, from collaborating artists and photographers, or public domain works. The imaging process provides the richest color and sharpest images to bring depth and excellence to each product they make. Each piece is one of a kind.