Code & Learn Spaceship



  • Introduce basic programming – Children use the coding card deck and the colored grid to program the fun remote-control space ship to reach the correct destination. This STEM toy encourages the development of programming skills, providing a basic foundation for the more complex computer skills they will learn later
  • Learn about directions – Guiding the space ship teaches children about directions and helps them develop their understanding of how to give and follow instructions
  • Boost spatial awareness – Children can also move the spaceship, and its friendly Alien passenger, freely using the remote control. This boosts their sense of spatial awareness while having fun
  • Encourage problem-solving skills – Working out the correct route to the destination and choosing how to program the space ship to get there makes use of your child’s developing problem-solving skills
  • Boost self-confidence – Learning new skills and using them to achieve a tangible outcome is a fantastic way of boosting a child’s self-confidence. Games that make learning fun take away any of the worry or doubts that can make it difficult for children to approach a new area of development