Open to any Livermore, Benicia and Vallejo students in the 4th or 5th grade, students are taught the fundamentals of playing an instrument – flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, or percussion. Our curriculum is aligned with LVJUSD’s, BUSD and VCUSD prior standards, using the exact same progressive method book (Standards of Excellence) and instructional approach that district teachers used before classes were cut, while also adding newer more engaging music pieces and approaches for a new generation of students. Students perform twice per year in a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert, demonstrating their new-found abilities for family and friends.

Teaching Staff:
Our teachers are highly qualified instructors, most holding a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in music, and many hold Master’s degrees in music.

Playing music is about creativity, passion, and expression. Sometimes, the best way to unlock your creative side and take it to new heights is with a bit of guidance and a little push from another musician.

Band Performances

In 2016 Mozart Einstein and Me installed the first band program at St. Pats/St. Vincent Catholic High School in Vallejo California.

Mozart resident staff member Ian Cochran (shown conducting the inaugural class) designed the syllabus which meets California curriculum requirements and is accredited for entrance to the University of California campuses.

SPRING CONCERT: The bands from all the schools with over 100 students! The 5 school band programs included: Emma Smith, Arroyo Seco, Rancho Las Positas, Our Savior Lutheran and Altamont Creek Elementary Schools. These band programs are funded in part through a combination of sliding scale tuition payments and donations through the Children’s Music & Arts Foundation. All profits from ABC Music Store & Academy are used to support music in the schools.

Thank you to our band director, John Douglas. Also these band programs couldn’t happen without the dedication of the parents, the Benicia Band Boosters and the support of the School Superintendent, Janice Adams. In addition, ABC Music Store & Academy uses all the store’s profits to support music programs in the schools.