Instrument Rentals

Instrument Rentals


We are happy to help our young musicians in finding the right instrument for band or orchestra!

Monthly rental rates:

  • Violin $25-$35
  • Viola $35
  • Cello $45
  • Trumpet $25-$30
  • Clarinet $25
  • Flute $25-$30
  • Alto Sax $37-$47
  • Trombone $35

Optional insurance (highly recommended) is $5/month

Rental Process:

Everything is done in store.  Feel free to call ahead to make sure we have enough stock of the instrument you are looking for.  We will have you fill out a rental contract while we get your student fitted & set up with an instrument.  We charge for the first three months upon set up and then it will revert to an automatic billing once a month on your credit card. We will help with all accessories needed and answer any questions you may have!