Therese Gorman

Therese Gorman is resident of Livermore, and a consummate performer, conductor, and private instructor. She received her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance with an educational emphasis in 2005 from Holy Names University and has been a teacher and director in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland since 2008.

Therese has been sought after as a soloist and performer in many different styles for more than 20 years. Her innate versatility, quick learning skills and willingness to work has garnered her respect as an instructor and performer in musical theater, church, and contemporary music settings. She directs Middle School Choirs at Saint Theresa’s in Oakland and All Saints in Hayward, and General Music at St. Theresa’s and Livermore Learning Tree Preschool and Daycare.

Therese offers Individual voice lessons for students age 8 and up in classical, musical theater, and contemporary musical disciplines. She has long been deemed a reputable and results producing coach for audition/scholarship tracks at college, various theatre auditions, and local and state wide competitions. Her training and care in instructing has allowed even those with learning, emotional, and physical disabilities to succeed. Most importantly, Ms. Tree provides a comfortable learning environment designed to make learning music fun and rewarding for every student.

Due to the complexity of vocal pedagogy, lessons for 8-12 are recommended to be only ½ an hour, and lessons 12 and up are recommended for the duration of 1hour. Translation: because you can’t just press a key and have everything come out perfectly and precisely formed 100% of the time, older students need time to develop the proper techniques and younger students need time to mature to a point where extended singing is more feasible. Allowances can be made in either direction, but these time frames are the general rule of thumb for instruction.

Contact Therese (aka “Ms. Tree”)
Phone: 925-548-4217


“As an accompanist, I have played for numerous voice rehearsals; but I have never come across a voice teacher that possesses such a thorough understanding of the physiology and mechanism of voice production. Therese is never dull. She is always able to find new ways to engage and help her students to find the right placement, efficient breathing, and more importantly, to understand how to express the depth and meaning of the songs with their voices."
-Conway Tan

“Therese Gorman has been my daughter’s voice coach for the past 6 years. She would work with my daughter to mix in teaching Italian, German, and French Arias, show and formal pieces, together with the popular songs my daughter wanted to sing. Therese put her on a path to know which songs were needed for successful auditions for musicals and concert solos, for successful auditions for the California State Summer School of the Arts (CSSSA), and for regional and state level ACDA choirs. Her students know that she expects growth and progress in their abilities and holds them accountable to their responsibilities of practicing, trying, enjoying, and sharing."
-MaryJo Schaarschmidt

“Therese Gorman is one of the best Vocal Trainers I could have asked for… She has the ability to know me better than I know myself, and I can always count on her to make me better at whatever I am doing. Therese not only taught me how to sing, she taught me to be comfortable and confident with my voice, which is something I will always be grateful to her for."
-Amalia Martinez

“I have always found Tree to be hardworking, professional, flexible, knowledgeable, caring and thorough. It has been a joy working with her over the years as my daughter continues to prepare for her college auditions. She has learned a lot from Tree including cantoring. I am impressed with Tree’s knowledge and focus on technique and proper pronunciation of songs. It has been a pleasure having her mentor and guide my daughter."
-Wendy Echsner

“As a vocal instructor, Tree Gorman goes above and beyond that of your average musical mentor. As a musician, she has been blessed with an incredible voice and the proper tools to further not only her own ability, but that of others. She understands one strengths and weaknesses, and instead of focusing on only what one can do, she pushes where one struggles in effort to construct a better overall musician. Tree takes the time one needs without losing patients, she does not quit until the job is done. Music is not only the passion she possesses, but the passion she shares."
-Taylor Weber