Steve Kritzer

Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Voice for guitarists, Bass, Songwriting, Playing in a group

The advantage of being the “veteran" on the staff is that I’ve played nearly every style of music and been in almost every type of band there is. I love passing that knowledge on to others, helping someone else find their “voice" and blossom musically.

I teach all styles on all the instruments, but specialize in acoustic Americana, folk, Bluegrass, Irish, Country, Pop, and Contemporary Christian. I have several students who work with me in songwriting and recording of their own material. I also do workshops and one on one in learning to play, jam, and sing with others. To me, that’s what music is all about.

I accept students of all ages and levels. Love working with kids as well as retirees. I try to make it fun, informative, and personalize each lesson to your abilities, interests, tastes, and pace.

I believe a good working knowledge of music theory, note reading and chord structure is essential for becoming a more well rounded musician, and being able to communicate effectively with other musicians, and will include as much as you can handle.

I teach Mondays through Thursdays, afternoons through evenings.
Please email me at, or call 925 765-0650 and let’s get something set up!


“I want to thank you for leading the ukulele workshop at the recent Guitar Fest. It was an excellent introduction to the instrument, and I found that your teaching style was excellent — really easy to understand and follow along. And, although I have played the Uke before (learned it as a kid in Hawaii, and play it now with a group at the Dublin Senior Center), I learned a couple of new things during that hour, such as the concept of tabs and a couple of songs that I love: Brown Eyed Girl & the Iz medley."
-Lynnette Hines

“I just started taking guitar/songwriting lessons, and in just a few months I have learned more than I hoped I would. Steve is very patient and great at explaining and simplifing things so they make sense. He really puts in the extra time to make sure you feel successful. I am so glad he is my teacher, and look forward to learning more with him!"
-Mackinna Hart