Shaylyn Ordaz

Shaylyn Ordaz is an accomplished flute and piccolo player with a BA in Music from California State University East Bay, where she studied under Michelle Caimotto. She is currently continuing her studies in the Single Subject Credential program at CSU East Bay.

Shaylyn currently works as a freelance flutist around the East Bay. She has performed with the CSUEB Wind Symphony for numerous years, and was recently a part of the CSUEB Orchestre dB New Music Ensemble, a rapidly growing group performing contemporary pieces. In 2009 she was a part of the CSU Stanislaus Symphonic Band and Stanislaus County’s volunteer band, MoBand. In addition to her large ensemble work, she has been a part of the premiers of many small ensemble compositions, and the performances of Classical and Baroque pieces.

Shaylyn has been teaching flute privately since 2011, and has been involved in many after school band programs in Livermore and Fremont since 2012, both as band director and assistant band director. Each summer since 2011, she has attended the Hayward La Honda Music Camp as a counselor, teaching and assisting in various classes, including flute masterclasses, flute techniques classes, and chamber ensembles.

Shaylyn loves animals, and has two cats. She has an affinity for visiting any and all aquariums, and is especially fascinated by various species of squid. In addition to her love of animals and nature, she enjoys working with children and the younger generations, always aiming to inspire them through music.

Contact Info
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Phone: (209) 613-4146

$30 per half hour lesson


“ I have to say that as a student coming back to music after six years, I greatly appreciated all your help that helped me to get back on my feet. The lessons I had with you accelerated my learning process to where I can now be a part of High School Band after only having my flute since April of this year. Thank you for helping me to find my passion for music again!”
–Karissa B.

“You really are a great teacher. You never seem to have a last nerve, even when I’m frustrating, because I know I can be, though never done intentionally. You know how to teach, going little by little, always making sure you go right at the student’s pace. You’re REALLY funny, and teach me new things constantly (flute related and sometimes not but all the same extremely entertaining and needed). You don’t push too much or too little, and that’s the way to learn fast and is also very efficient.”
–Jodie S.