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Natalia Susoeff – Piano/Voice

About Me

I was born in Ukraine and I have lived in California for the past 15 years.

My passion for music started at age 4 when I was in Kindergarten. My teacher saw my musical talent during music and choir classes, and assigned me as a soloist of the choir group.

I asked my parents over and over again to get me a piano. You could say I was obsessed.

At age 5 and a half I got a piano but I had to wait until I was 6 years old to attend music vocational school, which was an 8 year program. During this interim time, I would compose my own melodies and find popular melodies on the piano.

I was a very fast learner and very disciplined. Two years later, the Music School had a competition for the class of composers, in which I took second place. Right after graduation, I attended Music College. Some of the best time of my life included:

  • -Performing with the jazz bands and the Orchestra.
  • -Learning different styles of music, Theory, Harmony, Solfeggio, Folklore, Choir, including classes like “Conductor of the choir” and “Play”
  • -Singing world know classics, jazz and pop.

After graduation, I got the most desired job of sound engineer at the Audio-Recording production studio.

This period of time gave me valuable professional training in the art of recording, and I quickly rose to the top of my profession in the local area.

I became a recording artist doing voice over’s. I started to write jingles and advertisements for radio and TV commercials. I also completed a lot of projects for theater and solo music recording artists. I learned to write arrangements and sound tracks, and work with modern audio recording software.

At age 25, I felt very confident about my skills and experience. I made the decision that it was time to share my personal knowledge and spirit with others, and so I started to teach piano and vocals.

My many years of international performance experience gives me a unique set of skills to educate students with practical skills they will be able to apply in their own musical futures.

I teach beginner, intermediate and advanced level students.

My approach to teaching is a combination of formal technique and adaptive individualized style. I teach classical music, jazz pop, improvisation and composition. Reading, technique, theory, and performance are the keystones of my curriculum.

I create a fun and friendly learning environment and have so much to share.

Natalia Susoeff
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“We love you and the piano Miss Natalia.”
-Angela and Serena

“You are so talented. We love you.”
-Faith and John

Hi Natalia, “Charvi adores you. We definitely will recommend you to our friends. Thanks again for CD.”

“Love your new video. You did a fabulous job on it! I am sure you are destined for success in your music.”

“Well done Album…how can I deny a girl that does all you do with your whole heart.”
-Fred Ichael

“I listened to your album, can’t believe you've done it all yourself. You are an amazing talent!!! I envy you.” 😉
-Lynx Zohar

“Can't wait for your next show. You're the best.”
-Michael Fowler

" WOW! What a GREAT JINGLE Natalia! You are remarkably talented. Thank You."
Blessings and Happy Thoughts
-Joe Marshal KKBN 93.5 FM