Chris Ansuini

An innovative music teacher and performer with over 10 years of experience, Chris teaches students of all ages to love music and excel on their instruments. He is a consummate guitarist who has played in a number of rock, jazz, and flamenco groups, recorded on many records, and performed in numerous venues including Yoshi’s Oakland, Bottom of the Hill, 924 Gilman, and Checkpoint Charlie’s in New Orleans. He is the bandleader, singer/songwriter, and guitarist for original rock group Loudtalkers as well as the producer for his own solo work. In 2011, he graduated summa cum laude from Cal State University East Bay with a BA in Jazz Performance. Chris is also the founder of The Rock Workshop, a full rock band performing experience for students of all ages and skill levels.
Availability: Monday – Friday
Rate: $160 per month

(925) 922-4358

“Chris has the qualities one looks for in a music instructor. He has extensive knowledge of the different styles of guitar as well as an extensive background in music theory. He has taken me on explorations of blues, jazz, folk, rock and even some older songs from the 60’s. He has also worked patiently to explain concepts of music theory to me.

A trait I value in a music teacher is patience. I have seen him exhibit great patience with myself (an older student with some knowledge of the instrument) as well as young students who are taking up an instrument for the first time. "  -Mark Lee

Recommendation for Chris Ansuini:

We have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Ansuini over the past five years as he has been the guitar instructor for our daughter. During this time, Chris has consistently demonstrated outstanding teaching abilities, flexibility and understanding when working with our daughter.

What makes Chris such a great music instructor is his willingness to work with his students and to help them develop their own personal goals while still adhering to a curriculum of learning that is necessary to progress in music. Unlike many young guitar students, our daughter has the unique desire to learn both pop and rock music partnered with classical and Spanish guitar. These differing genres, while complimentary, present a unique set of challenges in teaching and learning. Prior to beginning instruction with Chris, we spoke to many other guitar teachers who simply said they could not teach multiple styles. Chris was the one teacher who did not shy away from such a challenge. Not only was he willing to teach in various genres, but he listened to both our daughter and the wishes of her parents.

Like many students, our daughter has gone through both highs and lows in her motivation to challenge herself with music. Chris has never lost patience with her and continues to offer the consistency and expertise needed. She is developing into a student who has grown to admire and love her instrument, and we only have Chris to thank for this. Chris has been a dependable and encouraging teacher whose academic and music experience has made him an outstanding teacher. His understanding of music and his patience, professionalism and dedication to his students makes him an exceptional teacher.

With our daughters, we have experienced many music teachers; however, a teacher who is able to teach the intricacies of Spanish classical music, a very difficult task, is highly commendable. To hear our daughter play these compositions, as the composers envisioned, is truly impressive.

Carlos and Amy