Sheri Leigh

Private piano lessons are back! Piano is a versatile instrument with styles ranging from classical to jazz to honky tonk to rock and more. Lessons with Sheri include beginner to intermediate theory, music reading, technique, and, of course, music in whatever style you prefer. Taking lessons with me will give you the confidence to understand and better enjoy music. And, you can apply what you learn to more advanced piano or any other instruments.

My background is primarily classical, with some jazz and pop. I was trained with some of the best teachers such as Bruce Angell of Angell Organs and Debbie Dempke who was a disciple of Vince Garaldi. I have a significant amount of music theory background and attended Amherst Summer Music school for several years. I have over 20 years of teaching experience myself. I have accompanied choirs, dance classes, and other instrumental soloists, played in a chamber orchestra, and put together an occasional performance. I have also played violin, guitar and sang in choirs and as a soloist with a jazz band.

I am returning to the piano teaching world after several years of working as a school counselor. I teach with a strong understanding of learning styles, compassion, and patience. Most of all, I strive to inspire my students with a love of music.

Centrally located in Benicia, CA

Contact: 805-452-6577 or