Erik Hoffman

A fairly recent transplant to the San Francisco Bay Area I spend much of my time calling Old-Time Country Dancing, playing music and teaching (fiddle, guitar, ukulele, voice, mandolin, bodhran, and other odds and ends).

In 1987, I took up the fiddle. Three weeks later, on a dare, I competed in the Santa Barbara Old Time Fiddle Contest and won third place in beginning fiddle in a field of three. The following year I placed first in intermediate fiddle. In 1990, I came in third in advanced traditional singing.

I teach – both privately and in groups – fiddle, guitar, ukulele, recorder, bodhran, hambone and general music theory.

I have been playing recorder (at least a little) since 1967, guitar since 1971, and fiddle since 1986.

I started teaching guitar in the mid 70s, and have taught on and off over the years.

I find my joy comes from people playing, dancing, and making music together. And it is this that drives me to teach. The joy of just sitting and playing tunes, with no one but we musicians to hear is, well, spiritual. Playing for dancers is great fun. Large orchestras of people joining together to play music joyous. I enjoy it when we all take part, thus love helping others to be part of the band by teaching.

Phone: 510-444-4397