At Mozart Einstein and Me, we still carry musical instruments and accessories, and our main focus on music is teaching how to play many different kinds of instruments. We have a full and varied staff of excellent teachers in our Benicia and Livermore locations to serve that end.

We also rent band & string instruments and encourage young people to experience the joy and creativity of playing music solo and as a band. Voice is also a skill that we teach… our own built-in musical instrument!

“This is my new favorite store!"

These are comments that we hear a lot now that our store has changed so dramatically by adding right-brain feeding and fun learning tools and unique gifts to what was once just a music store and teaching academy, is now so much more.

At Mozart Einstein and Me, we focus on feeding and enhancing the right side of the brain. This is the part of the brain that experiences music, art, intuition, emotions, flexibility of thinking, problem solving, creative planning, spotting new possibilities, interaction with others, and much more. It is often referred to as the creative side of the brain, while the left side of the brain is focused on language, math, fact gathering, keeping records, order, detail, structure, just to name a few. This side is often referred to as the analytical side of the brain.

The focus in schools today is predominantly left side brain material. Art programs, music programs, industrial arts, and other creative endeavors that used to be taught in public schools are no longer in most schools due to budget issues, and other changes. Yet, the value of teaching and training for both sides of the brain will always be the most beneficial and helps to create more well-rounded and creative people.